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Nibster is the result of our wish to create a graphic work filled with high-quality, inspiring content through which we can share our passion for the lost art of calligraphy with you, daring reader.

Calligraphy - the dance on a tiny stage of the living, breathing hand.

Robert Bringhurst

#1 Foundation



#1 Foundation

This being our very first issue, we felt obliged to compose it around the theme
‘Foundation. We will hereby go back to our beginnings, and remember how it all started.

What will you find?

Interviews, articles, inedit calligraphy works, book recommendations, places and supplies…
And much more! you will find everything in both english and spanish.

Keith Adams

Keith Adams


We have chosen to interview to Keith Adams for
the first number of Nibster because in the group
of calligraphers in charge of the magazine, we
considered that he is a very important part of our
foundational baggage. He is a teacher in capital
letters and without a doubt, a most important
source of inspiration.

Pizarra con demostraciones de Edward Johnston en la Royal College of Art / Blackboard demonstration by Edward Johnston at the Royal College of Art © The Edward Johnston Foundation

Primera parada,


“Nobody had such a lasting effect on the revival of contemporary writing as Edward Johnston. He paved the way for all lettering artists of the twentieth century and ultimately they owe their success to him.”

Master calligrapher and font designer Hermann Zapf,
Honorary President of the Edward Johnston Foundation

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