Keith Adams

Keith Adams teaching a class at the Arche of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye

Interview by Paz Alomar & Mònica Pinto

We have chosen to interview to Keith Adams for the first number of Nibster because in the group of calligraphers in charge of the magazine, we considered that he is a very important part of our foundational baggage. He is a teacher in capital letters and without a doubt, a most important source of inspiration. We gathered with Keith to have lunch and to speak about calligraphy. We are in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, in a small restaurant. He is wearing a shirt with handwritten Roman Capitals, a classic source for him, because to Keith, calligraphy is everything, and he likes to show it. Keith Adams was born in Swindon, England, in 1954. He was trained as a calligrapher in England and the United States and arrived in Spain, along with his wife Amanda, another prestigious calligrapher, in the 80s looking for the vital authenticity and the handwritten wealth that they couldn’t find in other countries. He has been almost forty years residing in Catalonia, dedicated to calligraphy. He is a wise and honest professor who gives his knowledge with British enthusiasm.

Who are the father and the mother of Keith calligraphically speaking?

My father, calligraphically speaking, is my professor of art in the institute. His name was Roy Porter. Although not a calligrapher, he gave us calligraphy classes. He belonged to the Royal Academy. He was a very relaxed and pleasant man. I wanted to be just like him. My mother I suppose would be Amanda, although it sounds very incestuous, doesn’t it?

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