British Library

The Gospels of Lindisfarne, illuminated manuscript in Latin which contains the Gospels of Mateo, Marcos, Lucas y Juan, illustration by Cecilia Del Castillo

Article by Martina Milone

What if I was interested in seeing works of calligraphy? Where can I find them? (Apart from the ones in Nibster, of course!)

One of our favorite places that we want to recommend is the unmissable British Library of London, easily reachable by public transport. It is located in a modern architectural complex and in the courtyard we find a sculpture of Isaac Newton measuring the immensity of the Universe. The work represents the purpose of the library, to preserve man’s endless search for knowledge.

From the entrance it’s very impressive to see the height of 180 miles of bookshelves – a collection of over 12 million books. It is a very nice place to study and chill, accessible without a membership card.

You can also visit the Sir John Treasures Gallery, a permanent exhibition that shows treasures from the library’s collections. You can see more than 100 pieces from different eras, cultures and areas divided by theme.

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