Illustration by Lidia Rojo

Article by Bel Graña

If this magazine just fell from the sky in your lap and all of these calligraphy shenanigans are new for you, I can imagine that you’re hallucinating with the works included on the first NIBSTER issue and quite probably you are now very curious about how it’s done, so I’m gonna help you to get to know the basic materials for your first steps.

Nib: you will need a metallic square pointed nib. This kind of nib is used for making most of the scripts (carolingian, italic, blackletter..). The shape and angle in which you use it will define the shape of the letter. There are several brands on the market such as Brause, Mitchell or Speedball, and to begin you can try any of these, it’s a matter of trying them and seeing which one you feel most comfortable with.

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