El colectivo Nibster

Nibster Collective

Nibster equipo

Starting from up and left side:
Pep Sánchez Ríos, Lidia G. Rojo, David Durà, Marc Oliveres, Paz Alomar, Cecilia del Castillo, Martina Milone, Mònica Pinto, Bel Graña y Juan Romero

We are passionate about Calligraphy, relentless scavengers of beautiful classical and not so classical script. Inspired by old manuscripts, where we find how to soothe our yearning to keep learning.

We have got together to create a Calligraphy Magazine, named Nibster, to spread interesting and motivating content realted to this beautiful and demanding discipline.


“kallos” (beautiful) y “graphein” (to write)

About us

Our usual support for the practice of calligraphy is the paper of different textures, colors and sizes, but we do not make an ugly any other support: wood, textil or as we recently did in Portbou, north of Catalonia, on the wall.

The City Council of Portbou gave us some walls so that, during the Festa del Grafisme, celebrated on September 14, 15 and 16, we could call carefully selected texts.

You could read more here.