What’s Nibster

What’s Nibster?

Nibster is the result of our wish to create a graphic work filled with high-quality, inspiring content through which we can share our passion for the lost art of calligraphy with you, daring reader.

#1 Foundation

This being our very first issue, we felt obliged to compose it around the theme ‘Foundation. We will hereby go back to our beginnings, and remember how it all started.

Nibster #1 Foundation


#1 Foundation

What will you find?

Interviews, articles, inedit calligraphy works, book recommendations, places and supplies…

And much more!

You will find everything in both english and spanish.


Calligraphers with a piece on our first number:

Amanda Adams, Daniel Esteve, Elena Tort, Gina Serret, Ivan Castro, Joan Quirós, Keith Adams, Laia Soler,
Maria Monte, Natxo Uribe, Oriol Miró

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