Writing & illuminating & lettering de Edward Johnston

Writing & illuminating & lettering de Edward Johnston

Article by Bel Graña

As I’m sure you just read the wonderful piece on Edward Johnston I’ll recommend to you his most popular work called Writing & Illuminating & Lettering, published for the first time in 1906.

This edition was published by D&B books and redesigned by Paul Felton in 2016, the same year as the 100th anniversary of the Johnston typography, including a short introduction about his life’s work as a calligrapher and typographer. But the most significant change lies in the reorganization of the images and texts changing also the font used in the book. The result? An easy to read, informative and enjoyable book.

This is a book not to be missed by any Calligrapher because it gathers all the elements of a manuscript, focusing not only in the script but also in other components such as illuminating and gold techniques. All of this is illustrated with 250 plates of manuscripts and original drawings where every detail of the process is shown. Wonderful and practical, Johnston holds your hand and takes you from the basics, all the way from hand positioning and nib, to resources more advanced like gilding or decorated versals.

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